My Approach

Part of what makes life so special is that it will one day end. All that is living will die. Death is the single thing that we all share with every other living thing. It is the great equalizer. This site is dedicated to exploring death from the many different angles that are available to the living. We will examine the different facets of death found throughout the arts, science, culture, religion and historical perspectives. The main goal is to help normalize death, encouraging awareness and acceptance of our mortality.

My Story

My fascination with death began after having a drug induced near death experience in May of 2005. Ever since then, death has been a regular part of my life. I became interested in the prospect of life after death and began to study mediumship, ritual and the energetics of transitions. This eventually led to a study of world religions with a focus on the myriad of beliefs across cultures, pertaining to the process of dying, and each of their beliefs surrounding the afterlife. Throughout it all, I became a death midwife (end of life doula), Psychopomp, home funeral guide, hospice volunteer, end of life educator, end of life rights advocate, and finally, a Pastoral Thanatologist.

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